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Griffter Pays Homage to AAIP Heritage with “I Go Like This”



“I Go Like This” by rising talent Griffter is out now, ahead of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI). The New York-based producer & DJ has been making waves within the electronic dance music community, and his new single, “I Go Like This,” is certainly no exception. “I Go Like This” was released on May 4. Find out just what the song means to the artist behind the track, Griffter, and listen to the tune in its entirety, below.

“The ‘I Go Like This’  line really turned into an expression of one’s individuality. When you say “I go like this” it really says “this is how I have learned how to do this, this is how my experiences in this world have shaped how I do this one (or many) things.” I think during the pandemic, we all have had time to slow down and really start finding out what we love doing and realizing that we are not defined by one aspect of our life, we’re humans and we’re allowed to be interested in many things. ‘I Go Like This’ is a song that recognizes the talents of individuals that are working towards making a living from their passions/talents, especially the talents of the Asian American community.”

Ahead of the Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI) and the rise in hate crimes towards the Asian American community, Griffter felt it was important to dedicate this song to Asian American talent and the AAPI community. “I Go Like This” serves as an anthem for Asian Americans who are currently chasing their dreams and making a living from their talents and passions in life. Griffter reveals:

“With the ongoing violence against Asian-Americans today, I think it’s important for representation. These crimes are committed from a place of fear and misunderstanding, hurt, and rhetoric spewed by a former president that has no concept of how his platform and words have created a ripple effect of divisiveness and violence. The USA’s history with Asian-Americans shows that this community (along with the Black and Hispanic community) has been historically oppressed. Given the violence happening and how we’ve been treated over the years, and through the pandemic, we as the Asian-American community, I think, have had enough and are fighting back, speaking out, and lifting each other up more than ever.”


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