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GRAVEDGR has risen from the depths of the earth to haunt the world once more with his latest monstrous EP, Take It All. After unleashing great havoc with his latest release “Why Was I Chosen” with Nico Moreno and Angel Cannon. GRAVEDGR has risen from the dead to terrorize the world once more with an exclusive 3 track EP.

“With this EP I am showcasing the evolution of my sound from the afterlife album to now. I am basically trying to raise the bar in my production standard. I am so happy to be working with so many talented artists right now. It feels unreal to me to this EP finally being released” – GRAVEDGR

Over these past years GRAVEDGR we have seen shift his music from hard trap over to hard techno. That being said this EP is one of the best productions GRAVEDGR has unveiled so far, and it has truly allowed him to showcase his evolution of the his dak brooding hard techno sound. With a track like “TAKE IT ALL” GRAVEDGR and Angel Cannon drop a deep dark disturbing banger with haunting vocals.

With “HELLCAGE” GRAVEDGR shows that he is perfectly capable of dropping some creepy dark techno beats by himself. A stomper that goes straight to the core and keeps filling your body with the adrenaline you need to survive this beast of a banger. “Without Salvation” is the third and final track of the EP but not less intense. Immediately setting the tone with a vocal that tells me “I will destroy you” and pulling me in with banging drums that keep chasing you throughout the track.

GRAVEDGR once again solidified his presence by push the envelope with every release, and this EP solidifies itself as one of the key releases in his quest to take over the world with his sound. The TAKE IT ALL EP is out now on all streaming platforms.