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GRAVEDGR & Algo Drop Banging New Track, “Pharos & Kings”



The illusive GRAVEDGR hold a mysterious fascination. Rising from the shadows he is bring chaos and destruction to the clubs and festivals he visits. Recently changing his style from destruction buy bass, to destruction by hard techno. For his newest weapon of mass club destruction “Pharos & Kings” he has teamed up with the talented producer and OG Trenchlord Algo.

“Pharos & Kings” is the this massive stomper that falls in line with recent GRAVEDGR album Afterlife album release. “Pharos & Kings” is riddled with pulsating bass, gritty vocals and mixed with this broody dark hard techno sauce. GRAVEDGR and Algo definitely do know how to please their fans with some good techno music. This is another techno banger that should be heard in every club. “Pharos & Kings” is out now on all streaming platforms.