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Nico Moreno, GRAVEDGR & Angel Cannon Drop “Why Was I Chosen”



These past years the French producer/DJ from Caen, the talented Nico Moreno established himself on the forefront of the industrial rave Techno wave. His style music consists of fast hard techno, electronica and techno with precise and punching kicks. For his newest masterpiece “Why Was I Chosen” we see him team up with the elusive and legendary GRAVEDGR. GRAVEDGR, a mysterious figure that became extremely popular in 2020 with his Hardtrap debut album 6 FEET UNDER. Recently switching his style from HardTrap to Hard Techno and seen some incredible releases so far. Adding in the Vancouver based multi-genre producer and vocalist Angel Cannon and you know this collaboration is a banger.

“Guys I am so happy to release the first collaboration with my friend GRAVEDGR featuring the amazing voice of Angel. This is one emotional track for us. Close your eyes, let us take you away” – Nico Moreno

“Why Was I Chosen” is a collaboration of Nico’s upcoming album and delves into the realm of darkness and intensity. From the moment the first kick reverberates through the speakers, listeners are ensnared into a hypnotic trance, surrendering to the relentless groove that pulsates with an undeniable energy. A sense of euphoria washes over the crowd with the emotional break filled by a nice face melting bass and the continuous haunting lyrics “Why Was I Chosen.” These artists dropped an intense collaboration we probably will be hearing a lot this summer. “Why Was I Chosen” is out now on all streaming platforms.