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Get a Taste of boiish & Their Eclectic New Single “Do Too Much” [Interview]



Flourishing female duo boiish is significantly on the rise with all of their impressive 2020 musical ventures. Following a wide array of original remix releases over the past couple of months, the Miami-based duo is proud to make their grand debut on the eclectic HE.SHE.THEY. label with their latest single, “Do Too Much.”

Recognized as one of this year’s hottest underground artists, BFFs Amanda and Kristin are female powerhouses clearly here to stay. The exotic pair is thrilled to be part of such a forward-thinking music collective such as HE.SHE.THEY., and this significant milestone only marks the beginning of their prosperous career in the dance music world. 

Their fresh tech-house tune “Do Too Much” is a vivid reflection of their wholesome artistic vision, touching on the concepts of authenticity and always staying true to yourself in this constantly evolving world. The upbeat, club-friendly track showcases boiish’s diversified talents as singers, songwriters, and producers, and we can’t wait to be able to dance to it once we’re all able to reunite on the dancefloor. 

While the original mix of “Do Too Much” was released a few weeks back, boiish is proud to unveil a special remix package for the fan-favorite club banger. The two-track release features a VIP edit from the dynamic duo themselves featuring more of a bass-heavy influence, followed by a “Tokyo Mix” from DJ Mag’s ‘Best of British’ awards nominee Elliot Adamson. If there’s anything that keeps an already high-energy track’s momentum going, it’s an assorted remix pack to vibe out to. 

Before focusing on this tremendous release, boiish flaunted their all-embracing talents via a collection of livestreams for prominent dance music brands like Desert Hearts, Groove Cruise, LP Giobbi’s Femme House, and more. After such an abundant and successful year in relation to music, we were intrigued to find out more firsthand details about the rising duo. Read on to discover all things boiish in our Nocturnal Times Interview with the empowering pair below!

The Nocturnal Times: Thanks for chatting with us, we’re thrilled to get to know you two better! Tell us more about how you guys met, are you both from Miami originally?

Amanda: For sure! Thanks for having us. I was born and raised in Miami and Kristin moved down here from Rhode Island when she was 17. We worked together at Ultra Music Festival and our desks were super close so we started playing music for each other throughout the day and sharing tracks. What started with trading music turned into jamming out one day after work together, and here we are a year and a half later! 

The Nocturnal Times: How did you initially get into the electronic music scene and what ignited your aspiration to pursue a career in the industry?

Kristin: In the very beginning, we were both involved in the back-of-house part of the concert and festival industry. When you’re involved with putting on shows, in addition to House music being a cornerstone of living in Miami, it just starts to take over your life. Because we were already working in an industry based around electronic music, although we had other influences, it only made sense that when we started producing together we gravitated towards house music.

The Nocturnal Times: Were there any particular artists that inspired your unique, Indie/Tech-House focused sound?

Amanda: We both love all types of music and would swap all sorts of tunes –  everything from jamtronica to classic rock to alternative, indie, tech house, techno, house, and rap. So all of the influences and inspiration that we use have come really naturally since we both appreciate all genres. A lot of our beginning influences were Dirtybird artists and house artists like Gorgon City, and some of our indie dance favorites like Odesza, Rufus, Bonobo. 

The Nocturnal Times: Your last live music festival performance was at Okeechobee earlier this year before things hit the fan with the pandemic. That’s so exciting! Can you tell us more about that experience?

Kristin: So much fun! Take us back PLEASE. We were asked to play on The Veza Sur party bus, so we grabbed our USB and booked it. There’s nothing better than the festival atmosphere, and being able to play on a Friday afternoon in the middle of a forest with people who want to do nothing but dance with their friends – it’s one of the best feelings in the world. 

The Nocturnal Times: Although live shows are on pause for the time being, you’ve killed it on several livestreams for huge dance music brands like Desert Hearts, Groove Cruise, and Femme House. Which have been your favorite to be a part of?

Amanda: Thank you so much! We love them all, we really can’t pick a favorite. Performing on all of these streams has been such a dream come true for us. We love and respect all of these individual brands and collectives so much, and to be able to DJ on these platforms among some of our favorite artists has been the peak of our year. 

The Nocturnal Times: You recently joined the HE.SHE.THEY artist roster, congrats! How does it feel to be signed to such an eclectic label? 

Kristin: We couldn’t be happier. We’re all about individuality and being your true authentic self, so to be able to have our first label release with a collective that feels exactly the same way just seems right. 

The Nocturnal Times: The U.K. based label highly values the contemporary inclusive movement, would you say that your ideals align with those of the label?

Amanda: Of course! It’s so important to value inclusivity, especially within a scene that wouldn’t exist without it! The dance scene is all about acceptance of individuality – if only we could all value this outside of the dance floor too.

The Nocturnal Times: Let’s talk about your newest release on the label, “Do Too Much.” How long have you been working on this track?

Kristin: This track came together pretty fast for us. We started messing around in the studio with our friend Mike Antix in the beginning of 2020, and played some versions of it at our gigs earlier in the year. Then everything shut down, and that gave us some time to get on Zoom – we got the track wrapped up in a few sessions, and there we had it! The three of us work really well together, and the ideas flow really quickly and organically. 

The Nocturnal Times: Is there a special message behind the track’s lyrics you’d like to share with listeners?

Amanda: Check yourself when you might be doing too much haha. 

The Nocturnal Times: You’ve accomplished so much throughout the year, what’s your main focus for the remainder of 2020 and what’s in store for fans in the near future?

Kristin: We’ve been working on a lot of collaborations and singles, and can’t wait to share them with everyone, and hopefully get back to soundtracking dance floors again soon!

Currently based in Houston & Miami, I hope to inspire others through my writing. Electronic dance music has become a passion and a form of inspiration in my life, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I aspire to share this passion of mine with others and help them understand the uplifting potential it can have on our lives!


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