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Felix Cartal Teams up with Hanne Mjøen For “My Last Song”



Vancouver-based Felix Cartal has collaborated with several major artists these last couple of years. For his newest collaboration he has teamed up with the talented Norwegian songstress Hanne Mjøen. Their new single “My Last Song” is taken from Felix’s upcoming album Expensive Sounds For Nice People. This album is set to be released on the 25th of June via Physical Presents.

“‘My Last Song‘ is one of the most honest songs on my upcoming album. It’s always been tricky for me to put into words how I may be feeling. On the one hand, I feel grateful that I have this outlet to express myself, but on the other hand, I feel sort of guilty that I then no longer have a desire to express those feelings after it’s put into a song. Part of me will always protest openness in relationships to some degree because, hey it’s in the song now… Isn’t that enough? Is this why I’m single still? (laughs).”Felix Cartal

My Last Song‘ is the perfect description of how it feels to invest every emotion and put all your energy and time into making music. It’s hard to balance relationships and a career, especially when they ask for too much or start accusing you of being cold. I loved writing this with Felix, it’s so rare I work with producers that actually care about the lyrics, and we connected on this vibe.” – Hanne Mjøen

With their collaboration they take a step into slightly darker territory. Here Felix embraces Hanne’s rebellious attitude with “My Last Song.” The pairing of her bitter lyrics with an indifferent attitude combined with Felix’s fantastic build up create an instant classic. The duo has created the perfect single to help listeners get back onto the dancefloor after a rough breakup and absorb some of that undeniable self-confidence that oozes through the singer’s slick vocals. “My Last Song” is out now Physical Presents.


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