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Emdey Brings “All Or Nothing” Single to Light [Interview]



Today we are sitting down with German talent Marvin Dörsam, alias Emdey. With releases on Smash The House and Universal, he made quite an amount of appearances last year. Currently he is making moves with his latest release “All Or Nothing” with Curtis Richa. There is also multi platinum singer/ songwriter/ producer ADN, who lends his voice to this groovy number.

“All Or Nothing” comes with dynamic and punching piano lines only to be completed by an amazing vocal and warm layered synths. The drop part comes with a solid bass line and a pumping groove. It’s what we’d expect from this fantastic trio, as they perfectly executed the vocal chops to increase its energy and flow, resulting in a song that you can’t get out of your head after listening to it for the first time.

Nocturnal Times: Hi Marvin! Welcome to 2021 and thank you for taking your time for this interview. Last year was an amazing year for you. Your first release was a remake of an all time classic “Venus.” How did you come up with remaking such a beloved classic?

Emdey: My good friend Shaun Bate told me a few years ago that he could imagine a Venus cover as one of my upcoming tracks. In the beginning, it was relatively difficult for me to find an idea for Venus. Then one night I heard another version in a TV commercial and I thought, “I’ll do it.”

Nocturnal Times: Your newest track is called “All Or Nothing.” Why did you choose this title? And tell us a bit more about this track – what was it like to work with Curtis?

Emdey: I’ve been working with Curtis for several years now and he sent me “All Or Nothing” as a topline/demo back then. I had a few ideas that I wanted to share with him, and that’s how we ended up working together on the track. It’s always a pleasure to work with Curtis, he’s a great songwriter and producer. We met a few years ago when we both were involved in another project.

Nocturnal Times: What is the message you want to spread with this track?

Emdey: “All Or Nothing” is a song about wanting the best for yourself. Many relationships whether romantic or not are basically in limbo and this is a anthem, a vehicle for conversation for those who experience this. It’s a situation we find ourselves at times amongst friends, family member and loved ones. When you give your all to someone and they don’t reciprocate the same type of energy and commitment. This song says it … “You Want All Or Nothing At All.”

Nocturnal Times: Before you were “Emdey” you went under another alter ego called MD Electro. Why did you change your name? You have been quite successful with that project. Do you think it opened doors for you that would have otherwise been shut?

Emdey: Yes I think so, a lot of people told me that my music doesn’t fit to my name anymore. Back in 2010 I was producing mainly electro house music and the alias MD Electro felt right. Nowdays I’m more into pop, radio and house music and people could get confused by this name. We thought about changing the name for at least two years till we finally changed it. Actually now everything is the same just with a new name

Nocturnal Times: Been following your fantastic music for a while now. Your tracks are very different ranging from very relaxed to massive dance tracks. What do you prefer more and do you see your musical style evolving in to a certain direction more?

Emdey: First of all, thanks! Actually I like a lot of different genres, whether it’s pop, dance, house or even drum n bass and techno. But Emdey is kind of a hybrid project between radio and club music, this is what I always felt is right. So if you ask me for a certain direction I can just say its commercial electronic music, sometimes harder, sometimes softer but always with a lot of passion haha.

Nocturnal Times: As Emdey, do you see yourself more as a producer or DJ? Or is it that you prefer doing one thing above the other?

Emdey: When I was a kid I got inspired by Tiesto and always wanted to be that guy on the mainstage who’s partying with the crowd, but now after so many years in the music business I feel very good sitting in the studio and doing my thing you know. I mean I love DJing but I also enjoy the creative part, producing music, writing songs and so on.

Nocturnal Times: Do you prefer working alone or with a group? Since all of your work so far is a collaboration, when will we see your first single release?

Emdey: Teamwork makes the dream work, this was always my motto and I love connecting with new people and making music together. There are so many talented people out there that I could never imagine doing something solo. I am a big fan of collabs, and I think you can get the biggest impact with a good team.

Nocturnal Times: I imagine 2020 would have been different for you if it wasn’t for everything that happened. What was one thing you realized last year about yourself that changed your life? And what are you looking forward to this year?

Emdey: Yes 2020 should have gone very differently! We had a really good start with “Venus” and then were slowed down a bit by the pandemic. I used the time very intensively to think about how I can become even better as an artist. I tried out a lot of new things in the studio and am now trying to implement them even better in 2021. You have a lot of time to optimise when you’re not constantly on the road. Apart from that, I’ve learned that you just have to be strong and have patience! 2021 can only get better. Wishing you a fantastic 2021 and thank you for this interview


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