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Dysphemic Enters Realm of Discovery in ‘Mind Bandit’ EP [Premiere]



Australia’s very own Dysphemic is coursing through veins in his newest Mind Bandit EP, spanning five flavorsome records that have rolled up into one knockout soundtrack. We’re sharing the world premiere of Mind Bandit with dance enthusiasts today, and you’re going to want to get a sweet taste of Dysphemic’s music here and now. 

Teasing out the release earlier in 2019, Dysphemic is catapulting full speed into a realm of discovery with Mind Bandit. An energetic catalogue of fresh originals and exciting collaborations, this EP is turning heads from all walks of life. 

Wasting no time in chasing the exotic sights ahead, “Time Bandit” goes straight into an amalgam of fluxing beats and eccentric synths. “Awaken” comes next, a quadruple dose collaboration with Yiani Treweeke, Kryptik, Zulu Flow, and ALPHAMAMA. It takes a masterful sort of talent to creatively infuse one song with a multitude of styles, and Dysphemic balances every one of their sounds like clockwork. ALPHAMAMA’s vocals prompt an extra oomph of attitude, while rappers Zulu Flow and Kryptik plug their lyrics into the fiery mix. Yiana Treweeke’s woven oriential mystery underlines “Awaken” quite beautifully, altogether rounding up into a sensory addiction within the EP. 

Amanda Lane’s vocals in “Heart Break” pour passion into Mind Bandit, locking in an ambiance of luscious vibes alongside Dysphemic’s darling electronic orb. Futuristic tones twist and shout in “Mindwalker” as this one shakes up a haunting, dark, and high-octane aspect to Dysphemic’s potent repertoire of musical design. Closing the Mind Bandit curtains is “Return To The Forest” with Yiana Treweeke’s second feature. Opulent instrumentals progress into a vivid dance floor delight, and its orchestral core brews up between a sleek melody, electro fusions, and sharp chords, leaving listeners at the edge of a buzzful EP. 

The son of Vernon Treweeke, the ‘Father of Australian Psychedelic Art,’ Dysphemic has been an artist practically from the day he was born. Known for his ability to traverse boundaries of genres, he’s ventured into jungle, dubstep, hip-hop, and more, as well as continues to incorporate Middles Eastern and Greek influences into his productions. This versatility has respectfully earned him fans from around the world, who have been kept happy at his sold-out shows across the globe. Pre-order Mind Bandit here and dive into the thrills of Dysphemic.

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