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Dutch Sensation Maurice West Releases Anthemic “Euforika 2000”



With such an extensive pool of emerging artists within the electronic music space, creators in the upcoming decade must possess the skill-set and passion to diversify their sound, while also maintaining a rising sense of consistency within their releases and more. Following the huge success of his recently released track “What The F!?” in October, Dutch sensation Maurice West is determined to finish 2019 with a bang, returning with an anthemic big room hit “Euforika 2000.” 

“Euforika 2000” is the perfect anthem to close out the decade, opening with an infectious melodic hook and defining its motive with anthemic flare. He repurposes various elements of the track to construct its traditional sounding build, leading into a suspenseful big room drop, galvanized by a driving beat and a pitch-blending synths. West then nods to his diverse musical upbringing with a virtuosic guitar-peddled lead synth that takes focus, leading the track to its final drop and chorus. Listeners can sense the rising tension throughout the track, and will indefinitely serve as a significant global dance anthem, closing out the year.

At the young age of 23, “Euforika 2000” closes a chapter on the Dutch sensation’s most successful year to date both in the studio and onstage. He’s defined himself at a top performer, showcasing his talent at some of the world’s most prestigious festivals including CreamfieldsBigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME and Dreambeach, while curating his own event segment, ‘Maurice West & Friends’ at ADE. However such achievements are minuscule towards the benchmark that the young producer aims to achieve, while his fans and supporters can only await as Maurice unveils more and more of his diversification that is his music.

*Featured image courtesy of Maurice West Facebook


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