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DUBOSS & Imanbek Come Together in “Voyage, Voyage”



Emerging as a newcomer in the electronic music space, DUBOSS releases “Voyage, Voyage” a stunning collaboration with trending producer, Imanbek.

The track is an uplifting and energetic edit of an existing single, arriving at the perfect time to deliver the feel-good music everyone needs, while the revitalization of the record also provides a vintage type feel that’s soothing to the ear.

Riding on a bouncing house groove and playful melodies, the track is filled with classic elements of European pop and led with mesmerizing vocals and trance synths. It’s exactly the sort of joyful music you can expect to hear coming out of the studio of DUBOSS and Imanbek, expecting to dominate dance floors over the next few years.

 “I produced this revival as a tribute to the original song which brings hope and celebrates the freedom to travel. It takes me back to listening to it with my parents when I was a kid and has very positive memories. I hope it can transmit the same type of emotions to people around the world.” – DUBOSS

Since lockdown started in early February, DUBOSS had envisioned producing a track related to the feelings he’d experience while traveling. Through such experiences, he eventually teamed up with rising sensation, Imanbek, spending hours in the studio to bring his vision to reality, creating a glorious edit of the 80’s hit by Desireless. The track is inviting and enables listeners to embark on their own musical journeys and feel free within the confines of their own space, furthering the vision that DUBOSS wishes for his music project.


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