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DJ Cosmicat Drops Debut Vocal Underground Single “Toxic Romance”



Saudi Arabia’s leading female DJ/Producer Cosmicat makes her stunning debut with the first-ever single “Toxic Romance.” This track serves as her introduction to the global market. With this release she is making a statement that she is a sultry underground queen with both dancefloor and emotive potential. In 2019 she performed at the first music festival in Saudi Arabia – MDLBEAST’s Soundstorm (which was also the biggest in the Middle East). Her reach quickly expanded to Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, where she performed. Now she’s gearing up for the release of her debut single “Toxic Romance.”

When I was working on ‘Toxic Romance,’ all I had on my mind was that I wanted to create the sound I love. It got me romanticizing about my relationship with it, as it’s a human being; how it was there for me every time I needed it or how I always come around to seek and chase it. On the sonic level, I wanted to add a big-sounding synth to make the track sound bold and highlight how synthesizers and electronic music can coexist with gentle whispering and my own vocals. I believe this makes ‘Toxic Romance’ sounding delicate and personal, while still being dancefloor-friendly.” – Cosmicat

The track uses some dirty bigroom synths infused with a rumbling, techno-influenced bassline. There’s also an additional stark contrast with her own feathery vocals on top of this ear candy. In this way, Cosmicat manages to create a soundscape that is both bold and delicate. This way she is personifying her own identity as a female artist who is trailblazing the electronic music scene, predominantly in a culture that has traditionally forbid women from making any style of music. “Toxic Romance” is only the beginning for Cosmicat, so stay tuned to see what’s next as she establishes herself among electronics most exciting rising artists. “Toxic Romance” is out now on MDLBEAST Records.


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