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Odium Drops Some Harder Styles With “On My Mind”



Since May 2018 the Dutch powerhouse act Odium has seen a momentous rise in the world of harder styles. His newest release is called “On My Mind”. The title might be fitting. At the moment one can only wonder what must be going through the mind of this young aspiring artist. With is probably his career highlight, EDC Portugal being postponed to 2022 it is great to see that he at least is working with Insomniac on this release.

“I started working on this track when I received my booking to play my first ever EDC, EDC Europe. This gave me a lot of motivation and inspiration to work on new music to show the crowd my music. The idea for the track was to create a touching/emotional break with hard pounding drops to give the audience a hard track to dance on but also a track they can listen to at home. Some weeks after I received the booking, Insomniac reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to release a new track on their hard dance label Basscon. So here we are”Odium

With “On My Mind” Odium drops a very emotional track. But this wouldn’t be an Odium track if it wasn’t a harder style track. It is the support of the female vocal and forceful drops that makes this track stand out. It is this dirty gritty bass that keeps pumping and forcing you to dance. Al while the enchanting vocal brings you to some higher spheres. It is just a shame that we won’t hear “On My Mind” not on EDC Portugal this year. But we are very confident it will find its way in many sets on other events/festivals this year. “On My Mind” is out now on Basscon Records


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