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Disco Fries Discuss Soulful New Single “Side By Side” [Interview]



New York City’s The Disco Fries have been rising up in dance music within the past few years, and most recently with their hit tracks “Reckless” and “Moving On.” Now, they are following up this week with the release of their new single “Side By Side” via Enhanced Music.


Disco Fries is moving swiftly within the progressive and electro house genre, and their particularly soulful sound is catching red hot attention in other genres right now, just as “Side By Side” expresses. Their collaboration skills and vibrant musical minds helped build up their mega list of team ups including Tiesto, Matthew Koma, Cash Cash, Krewella, and Breathe Carolina. Autonomous, their first EP scored positive reviews from Billboard, MTV, and more. Disco Fries have been no slouches getting their composition talent out there. The dynamic duo have earned #1 on the Hype Machine remix charts for their remix of Avicii’s “Without You,” and are continuing the momentum with “Side By Side” – a surefire way to spark more buzz.


Fans can expect quite the rhythmic flair with this tune. “Side By Side” embraces Disco Fries’ beautiful sound with a stellar combination of instrumental progressions. Brady Watt, member of DJ Premier’s “The Badder Band” is the fire behind “Side By Side’s” bass guitar, followed by trumpet player Niv Toar, who has toured with sensations like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Magic and more. Male lead vocals are the cherry on top of this zestfully rad track, and lest we forget their dance style. Whether it’s drum, piano, bass or jazzy tones, fans can imagine themselves jumping and swaying side to side at shows and festivals to this one, while singing their hearts out to its heart-felt lyrics. “Side By Side” is ready to not only get crowds moving, but is gearing up Disco Fries for a slew of more and more creative music releases and performances.


We’ve been messing around with ideas for this song for years now and finally landed on this groove in the past few months. At this point our fans have come to expect curveballs with the music we’re releasing and it’s amazing for us to pretty much create and release within whatever genre we want without hesitation. Side By Side is the best example of that creative freedom.” – Nick of the Disco Fries.


Listen to “Side By Side” here:


The Nocturnal Times: “Moving On” with Great Good Fine OK and now “Side By Side” have been different from your previous productions. Can you tell us more about the musical inspiration behind this latest track?
Danny: In the past year we’ve watched the landscape of electronic music change a lot and saw an opportunity to explore new sounds and genres that we were excited about. In some ways, it’s a new sound for us but at the same time we’ve always switched up musical styles from project to project so it’s nothing that new for us. With “Side By Side” we wanted to go for a more “classic sound” which is why there isn’t any flashy production or “drops”. We thought the vocal was so strong and really wanted that to be the focus throughout.
Nick: We definitely channeled some of our own inspirations like The Roots, Cody Chesnutt, and a bunch of classic feel-good R&B. Since we had the vocal for well over 2 years, the song had a bunch of iterations. One version had a really interesting half-time section with a bunch of sound design, but in the end we got back to the basics and just let it ride out so it kept the momentum throughout the record.


The Nocturnal Times: How did you link up with Brady Watt (active member of DJ Premier’s “The Badder Band”) and Niv Toar for the live instrumentals?
Nick: Danny and I knew this record needed live instruments when we first started digging in on it. Since we went to Berklee with Niv and Brady and had jammed together in college, it was a no brainer to bring them on board. Niv has played trumpet on a bunch of our other tunes including “Trumped” with Landis, and we had never had the chance to formally get Brady on a record with us so we gave him a shout. Those two guys are PROs. They had us their parts back in less than 24 hours and there wasn’t much we had to do in the way of editing to lock everything they did in with what we had already produced up.


The Nocturnal Times: What has it been like working with Enhanced Music on these past few singles and leading up to the EP?
Danny: Honestly, it’s been awesome. They whole team there has been really open to us exploring our sound and have linked us up with some great songwriters to collaborate with. Since we run our own label as well, we know much work goes into the promotion and it’s been helpful having Enhanced cover all of that with these releases so we can focus more on the music.


The Nocturnal Times: What can fans expect on your upcoming EP? Is “Side By Side” representative of the EP sound?
Danny: Yes and no haha. “Side By Side” probably sounds the least electronic of all of the tracks on the EP but, soundset aside, it is very similar to the rest of the project. We’ve focused on working with talented songwriters to produce catchy vocal tracks as opposed to club oriented stuff this time around.
Nick: Anyone who has been a fan will know to go into this with zero expectations as to what it will sound like. True to form, we jump around styles, sound sets, and production throughout the EP so I don’t know that there is one track that really defines the “sound” of the project but I can say that overall it’s a feel good EP. Unlike some of our more aggressive club tunes like “Earworm” and “Philtrum”, I think you’ll get away with playing this at Christmas dinner without anyone complaining.


The Nocturnal Times: What’s up next for Disco Fries? What can you share with us about any upcoming tour dates or shows that you’re looking forward to?
Nick: On Dec 8th we’re coming to Liquid in Cleveland, Ohio and on Dec 15th we’ll be doing our EP release party at Mercury Lounge in NYC alongside Black Caviar and DOMENICO. Tickets are on sale now at

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