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Disco Fries Unveil Visionary Third Studio Album ‘Another World’ [Interview]



After much fan anticipation, eccentric production duo Disco Fries finally unveiled their third studio album, Another World, via their very own Liftoff Recordings label. The impressive musical duo recently hyped up their album reveal with the release of “Love You Loud” with Ferry Corsten and Leon Stanford, which has already gained fandom from thousands of listeners across the globe.

The spectacular 9-track LP is an ode to our continuously evolving world, touching on the notions of innovation, technology, and more. The completion of “Love You Loud” was made possible thanks to an unpredicted connection between its musical creators via the tech world, which is why the duo chose it as the lead single for the album. The album’s official artwork also reflects the project’s ongoing motif surrounding all things tech, a creative venture yet unseen in the dance music sphere.

Another World takes listeners on an electrifying, otherworldly journey through its entirety, with each track touching on distinct elements of our present cutting-edge universe. The album encaptures listeners from the get-go with its title track “Another World”, a track full of fully captivating vocals and energetic melodies. The LP continues with other vocal-heavy songs, dance-floor-ready tracks, progressive tunes, subdued & subtle cuts, and radio-friendly anthems, making it an album that showcases a motley mix of electronic music sub-genres and fits various moods.

We got the privilege of chatting with Nick and Danny ourselves to discuss all things related to their one-of-a-kind Disco Fries project and the astonishing album that is Another World. Read on to find out more!

The Nocturnal Times Q&A with Disco Fries:

The Nocturnal Times: Thanks for chatting with us guys! We’d love to know more about how the Disco Fries project unfolded. When did you realize you wanted to pursue a music career together as a duo?

Nick: Thank you for having us and for always supporting us! I realized I wanted a career in music and entertainment pretty young. My parents were blue-collar workers with 9-5 jobs and that just never was appealing to me. Danny busts my stones because I’ve never had a day job and got started by cutting lawns, DJing mobile gigs, and then ultimately doing what we do now. When Danny and I met in college and started working on stuff together, it really was the first time I collaborated long-term with another producer bringing each other’s strengths to the table, influences from two very different places, and tackling the business together really just felt right. Anyone who knows us knows we approach things very differently and I think that’s what makes for a successful duo with little to no friction.

The Nocturnal Times: In one word, how would you describe the Disco Fries sound to listeners? What inspired you to choose this signature sound of yours in particular?

Danny: Polished. It’s hard to sum up our sound in just one word but one thing we’ve always focused on is great sounding music. Personally, I always appreciate and recognize other producers who impress me with their sound design, mixing abilities, and creativity and it inspires us to try and achieve the same thing with our music.

The Nocturnal Times: This year is a big one for you with the release of your newest album project, ‘Another World’ via your very own Liftoff Recordings imprint. How long has this project been in the works and how did the creative process for it come to light?

Nick: We’ve always had a soft spot for releasing albums. This is our third and it took about 12-18 months to put together. A year and a half ago we really amped up our label, hired a label manager, and decided that it was time to put our best foot forward and own our future. That’s not to say we don’t release on other labels, but it was time to make the priority our label and show artists what you can achieve independently. “Another World” was born and we started taking stock of the records we had in progress, how they would all fit together, and the list of collaborators kept growing. Putting all of these creators together, summing up our influences over the last year in the sound of these tracks, and bringing it to fruition on our label as one body of work felt right both for us as artists but also for the fans.

The Nocturnal Times: ‘Another World’ touches on several topics related to technology, innovation, the currently evolving tech space, and more. What inspired you to surround an entire album with the notion of this alternate universe?

Danny: A lot of this album came about through new technology or relationships we developed while exploring new tech. We were introduced to Ferry Corsten’s management through our work with the NFT platform RCRDSHP. We had Sarah de Warren on as a guest on our Finish My Track live stream when she had a new collectible dropping on the same platform. Our track with her, ‘The Edge’, was written between her and Linney on a live stream. Eche Palante, Todd Stucky, and Kiral are all artists we met through our live streams as well. If we hadn’t embraced these technologies and made it part of our world as artists we never would have made a lot of these connections and none of this music would have ever been made.

The Nocturnal Times: Before the official album release, you released the album’s focus single  “Love You Loud” featuring Ferry Corsten and Leon Stanford. What makes this specific track so significant to the album’s overall message and intention?

Nick: “Love You Loud” is the big melodic type of record that really hits our DF sound at its core. Ferry came with it with his side of the production, Leon’s vocal is incredible, Dee Adam crushed that vocal writing with Leon and we did what we do on it. It was a true collaboration in every sense of the world and felt like such a special record so it was fitting to have it as our lead single.

The Nocturnal Times: In addition to Ferry Corsten, you’ve collaborated with renowned dance music artists like Bingo Players and Tiësto on some previous releases. Are there any other legendary names you’d wish to collaborate with in the near future that have inspired your music career aspirations?

Danny: There are plenty of legends we’d still love to work with and hopefully some of those will become reality in the near future. David Guetta and Benny Benassi are two that inspired us from very early and it’s amazing how they’ve evolved and continued to make music that resonates. We saw Benny in 2007 at a club in Boston while we were still in college and I remember elbowing my way to the front to hand him a CD with our tracks on it. Would make a pretty awesome story if we went from that to working on something with him.

The Nocturnal Times: Now that ‘Another World’ is out for listeners to indulge in, what’s next for the Disco Fries project?

Nick: Right now we are focused on getting this album out to as many music lovers as possible. It goes beyond just dance music and there’s something for anyone who likes a good time on it. If you don’t like good times…. well, there’s the door. After that, we have a TON of new music planned for 2024 to keep you dancing.

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