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David Guetta & MORTEN Tackle the Future in Four-Track EP ‘New Rave’



Since their first collaboration, David Guetta and MORTEN’s partnership has yielded a string of co-productions. All of them have gained huge support within the electronic dance music scene and even far beyond that. With more than 110 million combined streams so far, the pair now unveil their new four-track EP New Rave.

With their project ‘Future Rave’ they swooped through the industry, receiving overwhelming praise from DJs and fans worldwide. With a string of high profile tracks it was only natural that the masses would be anxiously waiting for a new collaboration between these two masterminds. The long wait has been rewarded and we are blessed with this new EP out today.

“Together we have started a sound that has later become a “Movement”‘, says MORTEN. ‘We call it Future Rave! With each release the sound has evolved even further and now a year after we started, this EP feels like a natural next step. After months in the studio, I’m so excited to finally share it. David’s experience with songwriting and his way of writing melodies is very unique and something I learn from every day.” – MORTEN


When David Guetta and MORTEN are combining forces you know it is going to be above and beyond. Foremost, as they reflect their newest vision for the future of electronic dance music. For example, for this EP they have been inspired by a desire to unite main stage with underground sounds. It is pretty safe to say they exceeded beyond expectations.

“A year ago I started to make music with my friend Morten. I felt like there was a choice between underground which was cool but maybe more adapted to clubs rather than festivals, or edm that was still killing the dancefloor but was sounding the same for the last 4 years and was not satisfying anymore. We wanted to make music that would be sexy, have the cool factor of techno, the energy of edm and why not the emotion of trance. We wanted to make quality dance music with zero compromises and give a lot of attention to finding new sonics. We wanted to make music people have never heard before. Almost one year later and many producers started to make music in the same style, our music is becoming a movement and DJs call it Future Rave.” – David Guetta

New Rave consists of four slam dunk records including “Kill Me Slow”, “Nothing”, “Bombardment”, and “Odyssey”. With this EP they continue their signature sound which is influenced by techno, is a little dark but also packs a huge sonic range. “Kill Me Slow” has such fantastic vocals it feels only fitting that this track kicks off the soundtrack. The following three become grittier, darker, and pump more bass as it evolves. In short, New Rave is exactly the kind of innovation we all crave in electronic music. Each track could have been a standalone release and would be have done great on their own. So, we can only be blessed that they decided to release this all at once. Above all, this EP is a true testimony to the everlasting creativity and timeless skills of these two veteran artists.

Back in April, David Guetta launched ‘United At Home’, a charity live-stream event series which has since raised over $1.2 million USD for charities around the world in the wake of COVID-19. The two record-breaking shows in Miami and New York were collectively viewed over 50 million times.

Photos Courtesy of David Guetta & MORTEN Facebook


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