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Tyler Lawrence Doesn’t “Slow It Down”



Tyler Lawrence is back and pleasuring our ears with a sultry smooth single “Slow It Down.” This follows his heavy-hitting single “The Heet” which Tyler has donated 100% of the proceeds to the NAACP.

Above all with “Slow It Down,” Tyler Lawrence’s reinvents himself from his recent sound. Most importantly it shows him moving from his classic beloved bass house to a euphoric blend of future bass. His newest release “Slow It Down” embraces this new blend to the fullest.

“With this track, I really tried to capture what it feels like when you’re first falling in love. You’re in this crazy whirlwind and you get caught up thinking about what could be or what will happen, but once you take that breath and just be still, you settle into that indescribable euphoria that is love.” Tyler Lawrence

What Tyler magnificently does here is that he enlists powerful vocals, both captivating and catchy. Sonic sound waves and the soft echoing of “Slow It Down” entices listeners throughout. A glittery single with promise, Tyler Lawrence adds to his rapidly growing catalogue with a glowing sentiment from the heart. Overall this track never bores and is certainly a fantastic start for the new style Tyler is alternating towards.


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