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Cosmic Gate Blows “Your Mind” in First Track of 2020



Exploding into the 2020 mix, Cosmic Gate has officially arrived with their first single of the year “Your Mind,” following their floor-combusting rendition of Armin van Buuren’s “Something Real.” 

“Your Mind” is out via Black Hole Recordings and stands beside an extended version that plays out over seven minutes of beastly sonic notes. While the shorter version highlights Cosmic’s ever-trancing power in a distinct and delightful manner, the extended version lights up all your senses in a longer journey of music, time, and space. Both are looped with the all-too essential female lyric “something for your mind” on repeat in a strong, fiery, and commanding way. The presence of Cosmic’s adventurous production is present through and through, whilst distinguishable chords and progressions mark “Your Mind” another Cosmic classic right out of the gate. 

Nic and Bossi of Cosmic Gate have done their part in leading the electronic space and narrower trance-sphere over the last 20 years into an everlasting entity. Visionaries both in the studio and on stage, their live performances bring to life every ounce of inner-studio creativity in a way that has left fans begging for their next dose to wake their minds at every opportunity possible. “Your Mind” is another slam dunk into the repertoire of all things Cosmic, download the GRAMMY-nominated duo’s new tune here. 

Featured Image Courtesy of EDC/Cosmic Gate Facebook


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