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Camp Bisco Announces New Improvements For 2016 Event



The Disco Biscuits took to the official Camp Bisco page to address prior issues and confirm this year’s festival will hold many improvements


Like any proper festival, Camp Bisco is always looking for ways to improve its experience for the venturing fans. The official Facebook page posted some insight on what exactly to expect this year. The Disco Biscuits and the rest of the Camp Bisco team have targeted all fronts of the camping festival; entry, camp ground logistics, and additional entertainment activities.


From the very moment you hit the Camp Bisco grounds of Montage Mountain you will feel the weight taken off your shoulders literally and figuratively. Camp Bisco has made a commitment to fully staffing the front gates until everyone is inside the festival comfortably enjoying themselves, this includes shuttle service as well. Some of the staffing will be volunteers helping unload empty buses to bare some of the endless camping weight. Wait times at the gates will be kept at a minimum with the extra staff size and bands being pre-shipped. The party will start early on this year, even when you’re waiting there will be live music, free water, and VIP contests to start the 2016 celebration.



Upon entering the campgrounds you will see a new level of organization and fun toys added to the Camp Bisco fleet. There will be double the amount of staff vehicles assisting in the campgrounds. Heavy duty pick up trucks will be on call as well, guaranteeing you just about any conceivable messy situation will be handled on a professional level. To help the movement of fans and vehicles alike, separate lanes will be devoted to exclusively foot or motor traffic.


In support of a more environmental conscious festival, new ecological initiatives are being implemented at this year’s Camp Bisco. They have enlisted the help of Clean Vibes to maintain and spread the awareness of a sustainable sound music festival. They plan to target the post-festival clean up, and leave as little of a footprint on the mountain as possible. There will even be a Clean Vibes Trading Post where rewards are available for those helping keep a clean festival. Another first time program is the implementation of a fan-only safety team. This will help bridge the gap between attendee and “authority figure” to ensure all concerns are seen as approachable.


Music will not be the only thing served during the day, new activities have been added to the Camp Bisco festival schedule. A Wellness Program has been announced giving you daily yoga sessions, a 5k run, and hikes to explore the mountain. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy the natural beauty that is Montage Mountain. With all the extra activities, hydration will be more important than ever, which is why Camp Bisco is giving you more water stations than ever before. If physical activity isn’t your thing, new art installations will be debuted for this year’s Camp Bisco. Attendees are in for a busy weekend with the numerous fun options to take part in.


Buy tickets to this upcoming Camp Bisco taking place in Scranton, PA July 14-16 HERE.


Follow Camp Bisco for more information on its Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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