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BrokinPaper Drops New Atmospheric EP, ‘The Maslow’



After releasing his debut EP, “Astro,” in 2016, and a few singles like “Elysium” and “Nightwatch,” BrokinPaper dropped his latest project, “The Maslow” EP, on October 24th. The EP kicks off with a dark-toned track, “Ultraviolence,” which is infused with techno and mid-tempo beats, then gradually gets lighter by the time you get to “Forever.” “Sapiosexuality” also follows his inspiration with techno vibes, and goes back to his roots with “Shout/Out Mental Illness,” a complex hip hop beat. “Vitriol” is a quick trap groove that sounds quite cinematic and dark in tone. BrokinPaper wraps up the EP by encapsulating the emotions he felt about a person into the track,“Forever,” by using lush future bass synth chords and a lighter atmosphere. 

While talking about his inspiration behind “The Maslow EP,” BrokinPaper expressed that he wanted to expand on creating more house music by writing an EP that had dark and “intelligent” sounding tracks. Previously, he’s released some heavier trap and future bass songs, and thought it would be a great idea to expand on his “hierarchy” project, which lead him to “The Maslow.” 

“I was (and still am) going through a huge transitionary phase in my life, and I’ve been going through a lot of self-reflection, self-evaluation, and self-discovery. I wanted to embed my emotions and thoughts into these tracks, which made this project a very ‘psychological’ project for me as each song is truly representative of a specific emotion that I’ve had in the past few months,” – BrokinPaper

Gaining inspiration from the likes of RL Grime, Gesaffelstein, Shigeto, among others, BrokinPaper’s most recent release, “Elysium,” has received great praise from music lovers everywhere. The range in genres of the artists that he draws inspiration from influences the music he creates.

“I’d say that instead of sticking to a single genre, I like to make whatever music vibes with how I’m feeling. I tend to stick to analog as I just love how analog sounds,” said BrokinPaper. “I actually have a background in electrical engineering and have a huge interest in synthesis and the science behind production.”


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