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Luxley’s ‘Can’t Fool Me’ Is More Than Audio Art




The dance floors, clubs and rooftop parties will be in constant motion with Luxley’s latest single “Can’t Fool Me.” Throughout the track, elements of classic house music mixed with electronic collide as distorted drums and percussion play along side glitches and vocal samples, while a deep bass guides listeners through intricate rhythms. Luxley’s music is derived a unique condition called Chromesthesia, which allows him to link colors with sound and has ultimately transformed Luxley’s art into a multifaceted affair.

With a background in photography and graphic arts, it’s no surprise that the artwork he created with That Boy Visuals for the track sees his creativity in full effect, resulting in a unique visual experience. A fantastical journey through a musical fun house, each minute of “Can’t Fool Me” filled with detail and emotion.

Listen to Luxley – “Can’t Fool Me” here:

Featured photo credit: Liz Kelley


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