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BangOn! NYC Presents: ‘Warehouse of Horrors’ 10th Anniversary this Halloween



As fall quickly approaches, we’re thrilled to announce the 10th installment and fully disclosed lineup of New York City’s annual ‘Warehouse of Horrors’ music event this upcoming Halloween weekend. Presented by the talented event curators behind BangOn! NYC, this year’s ‘Warehouse of Horrors’ is set to completely shake things up in Brooklyn this October 26th and 27th for those who dare to attend.



The two-night warehouse extravaganza will feature a ravishing celebration of the event’s 10th year anniversary, full of spooky inanimate Halloween decor and some of the most suspenseful names in the electronic music world. Prepare to be cast under the spells of artist names like Gramatik, G Jones, Walker & Royce, The Golden Pony, Space Jesus, Eprom, Klingande, Goldfish, and more. Dare to enter one of Brooklyn’s most enigmatic warehouses and lose yourself as you celebrate Halloween weekend in the most frightening yet entertaining way possible.



To celebrate properly, BangOn! NYC is bringing high-quality festival production techniques to this year’s installment. Like any original scary tale, this Warehouse of Horrors is set to immerse attendees on a completely phantasmal journey that will be sure to cause some inevitable goosebumps and hair-rising reactions, both good and frightening alike. Aside from ghosts, witches, skeletons, and haunted mansion-like rides, the spellbinding live music deriving from the Earth and Fire stages will be a thrilling illusion all on its own. Bring your most intimidating costume and prepare to be mesmerized at this extraordinary event this upcoming Halloween weekend!



Tickets to Warehouse of Horrors are available here.

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