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Allen French Releases Debut EP, ‘Novo Mundo’ via French Press Records



‘Novo Mundo’ is the debut EP from Allen French, which is out now through French Press Records


Allen French presents ‘Novo Mundo’, his debut EP on French Press Records. Here’s why you should check it out. Known for his distinct influences that create a multi-cultural vibe, bringing a fresh spin to worldly sounds and influences while retaining a timeless touch. The backdrop of the South of France sets the stage for the EP, and derives influences from the present, as well as the past. Mixing vintage tracks with fresh new sounds has been a trend seen in dance music recently, and Allen French’s rendition is unique in the way that he also draws multi-cultural influences from around the globe. His music spans a vibrant spectrum and gives off an energetic quality felt both in his productions and sets.


His young but impressive catalogue, features early hits such as Rosie and Kitsuné–signed Fiendin’, and the California continues to explore a unique direction in his music. The EP release brims with talent, outside of electronic music, with his collaboration with jazz aficionado and M83’s own Joe Berry to bring a live instrumentation infusion and house grooves, as well as featuring original vocals from indie songstress Amie Miriello on 7AM and Jessie Clemens on Nova Vida. The wide variety of genres blend to create a style that is widely accepted and popular in dance music. The lyrical message throughout the EP is one of realized potential, encouraging listeners to reflect on the subjects of exploration and looking towards the future, because you never know what wonders may lie ahead. Sit back and let the magic of Novo Mundo take hold.



Listen to Allen French’s debut EP ‘Novo Mundo’ available here and to purchase on iTunes here.


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