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Lotus’ Luke Miller Unveils Luke the Knife Alias in ‘Disco Nap’ LP




Luke Miller is recognized for his prominent role in the exotic band Lotus, but he’s decided to do things a little different this time around. This week’s release radar includes his most recent solo project Disco Nap, a groovy LP under his Luke the Knife alias. Focusing solely on Disco, Funk, House and Downtempo beats, the well diversified and sonically stimulating album is everything we expected from the eccentric musician and more.

The striking 9-track album features a wide array of iridescent musical soundscapes, with each track taking listeners on a uniquely exhilarating journey all throughout. Full of infectious funky beats and experimental techniques, Disco Nap illustrates Luke the Knife’s unparalleled music production mastery exquisitely while still intertwining a slight touch of Lotus’ highly-acclaimed sound in a variety of its melodies. The eloquent producer even had the astonishing notion to recruit iconic electro-indie duo Cherub for the vocals on “She’s So Damn Fine” and expose Raven Jane’s powerful voice on “Better Mind.”

“When the lockdown hit I had my first long-term break from touring in many, many years. I took that opportunity to start writing original Luke the Knife tracks. At first I was planning on doing mainly disco and funk influenced tracks. I recorded a full album-worth of those and thought I was done with the debut. I kept listening to these over and over and I felt like it didn’t represent the full vision I wanted for Luke the Knife. So I wrote 9 more tunes pushing into more sides of my sound – tech house, future funk, bass house, melodic techno. Then I picked the best from both groups to make “Disco Nap”. It’s a special pleasure to release my first solo album and bring these original Luke the Knife tracks to people’s ears.”  – Luke Miller (Luke the Knife)

From beginning to end, each track on Disco Nap unravels a sizable taste of Luke’s flavorful and flamboyant artistic flair, creating an eclectic sound that’s difficult to decipher but easy to find yourself naturally jamming out to. What was supposed to be a solely disco and funk album now deciphers to fans across the board as one of the most assorted electronic albums of the year, and that in itself just demonstrates what the extravagant musician is truly capable of composing in the studio. After building a strong fanbase with his Lotus endeavors, Luke the Knife is ready to take on his solo music ventures vibrantly, and Disco Nap is only the beginning of his inspiring story. 

Currently based in NYC, I hope to inspire others through my writing. Electronic dance music has become a passion and a form of inspiration in my life, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I aspire to share this passion of mine with others and help them understand the uplifting potential it can have on our lives!


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