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Yellow Claw’s Barong Family Imprint Reaches 200th Release Milestone



It’s been 6 years since dutch DJ duo Yellow Claw set out to conquer the world. Jumping to today, they’ve reached another one of their biggest milestones. They’re now in celebration of their 200th release on their label Barong Family. The collaborative EP BF200 features seven tracks of the most talented artists Barong Family has to offer. It includes some massive bangers by Yellow Claw, Wiwek, Crisis Era, RayRay, GHOSTER, Nonsens, Psycho Boys Club, and many more.

Over these last couple of years, Yellow Claw’s Barong Family has become internationally recognized. Barong Family managed to be one of the most influential labels out there. Back bone of the label is the strong community. They are united by their diversified sound and genuine love for music. As a thank you for all those amazing fans it is only fitting that BF200 will feature some never-before-heard tracks.

“It has been a wild ride since when we had put out our first release on Barong Family back in 2014. During the past 6 years, we have met many talented artists who wanted to take part in this adventure with us and joined the family. Moksi, RayRay, Wiwek, and more all saw the transition from Barong Family – a music label to Barong Family – a worldwide brand with its own merch lines, writing camps in Asia, documentaries, sold-out tours in North America, own stages at the world’s biggest festivals. 200 releases seem like a big number, and 6 years feel like a very long time, but for us, thanks to what we do and whom we are fortunate to work with, it feels like we are just starting, as our excitement never faded away.” – Yellow Claw

The biggest banger might me the rework of the Tokyo Ghetto Pussy’s 1995 hit “Kiss Your Lips.” Yellow Claw themselves provided the classic with a modern dance facelift. They managed to up the bass level to new heights without destroying the fantastic vocal.

For this EP, GHOSTER teamed up with NANAMI. They bring us their powerful track “Belong.” This collaboration feels like a masterful ballad. It is one of this EP’s slower tracks featuring some powerful vocals. Listening to this track makes you feel that you belong to the Barong Family. From all the tracks on the EP this one stands out strong with a feeling that reminds listeners of the Barong Family. It starts with a steady piano instrumental just to usher us in with a soothing vocals. It feels as if you’re on a safe harbor, then, it pulls you back out on to the rough ocean. Suddenly, it drops a trap-infused melody consisting of wonky bass and high-pitched chimes. Absolutely a track that deserves to be on this EP.

Another masterpiece and maybe the hidden jewel on the EP is RayRay and DJ Soda’s collaboration “Obsession.” This is undeniably the biggest collaboration on the album. Powerful vocals intertwined with doses of hard-hitting bass and annihilating synths deliver a force not many can take lightly. RayRay and DJ Soda’s production style are very unique if you follow both of them. But for this collaboration they fused their styles to include hard-hitting bass intertwined with intense vocals.

There is also an energetic collaboration between Yellow Claw and Wiwek on “I Want It” (featuring COBRAH). What these producers bring to the table is something out of this world. They managed to take us on a deep dive into a world of distortion aligned with alarming instrumentals and some high-pitched vocals. Good old Yellow Claw style has been written all over it.

Another great rework comes from the Canadian duo Crisis Era. With their cutting-edge sound design they reworked the classic hit “Funky Pills.” Starting this classic of with an eerie build-up, gradually upping the slow-tempo vocals and dropping a massive futuristic house drop, this track gets you back to the dirty 90s. The monstrous bassline which only continues to get stronger works alongside the repetitive vocal to make a perfect combination for every festival.

Nonsens brings their festival-ready energy into their contribution called “Teaze” to the EP. This track shifts from snippets of house music alternating to some fast-tempo madness.

At every great EP comes an end and the honor is bestowed on Psycho Boys Club’s (who arguably has the hardest track on the EP). A series of destructive instrumentals take over the track at a rapid pace only to be met with a repetitive vocal asking to give them the break.

With their seven magnificent EP, Yellow Claw managed to spoil us. It seems that every track is a gem of its own. Although the overarching Barong Family touch oozes from every track, each track speaks to the artists’ innate sound and style which is uniquely theirs.


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