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Uprising Vocalist Tessa Releases Beautiful Ballad “Bad Bad Love”



Originating from Melbourne, Australia, Tessa Neale has been making tremendous strides in her career since formerly rebranding as a raw, natural version of herself. Now transitioning into her new alias, Tessa, the young singer-lyricist is well recognized by her former project, Hoodlem, possessing various hit singles with the likes of Saint WKND and Japanese Wallpaper, while appearing on big-name content labels such as Majestic Casual. Through her powerful yet angelic vocals and lyrics, Tessa has been able to establish a recognizable name for herself. This is highly apparent through her hit single, “Old Friend”. Most currently, she shares a relatable message while burning fiercely in the rapidly moving music scene with “Bad Bad Love” featuring rapper Terrell Morris.

The track is a beautiful balance between the situational sass and playfulness of a developing crush, while being a self-spoken ballad of anti-love, personifying the feelings of falling for someone that’s not meant for you. It represents those tricky moments filled with conversations of inner dialogue, encouraging the growing generation to not take 20th century dating too seriously. The single signifies the importance of simply, “shaking it off” when things don’t necessarily work out, as the universe will align what’s meant for each unique individual. 

Through a variety of hit collaborations and releases, as an artist, Tessa Neale has accumulated millions of streams through major streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube. With continued success, her new project, Tessa, serves to be an unfiltered version of herself and a portrayal of the singer at her core. As her previous project had come to natural close, Tessa is now determined to showcase a transparent look into herself as an artist, allowing her listeners and fans to genuinely connect with her work. No alter ego or no smoke and mirrors, just Tessa at her core.


“I want my music to come across as myself. I love making music and singing and performing and have, at times, gotten lost in the external factors of being an artist. I want to make music as myself and feel like myself doing it.”


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