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Tyler Breaks Debuts “Desolate” on Recordings



Tyler Breaks has recently broken into the electronic music scene, putting forth a slew of captivating releases for the world to hear. Now he is making his Recordings debut, releasing a brand new original single, “Desolate.” The track displays a different side of his artistry, revolving around emotional and sentimental feelings that we all share as humans. 

“Desolate” is a bright single that is infused brilliantly with echoing synths, uplifting pads, and unique basslines. The mesmerizing vocal samples that layer the track perfectly add to its unique atmosphere, beautifully articulating a plethora of cinematic feelings that helps to pull listeners into an immersive, fantasy-like world.

“’Desolate’ is one of the tracks that really reminds me why I make music in the first place, it represents the raw emotions I struggle to materialize into audible form, and the vocal hook in the track “alone in the darkness” echoes the mental space I find myself when I am able to craft a musical journey that I consider truly sincere.” – Tyler Breaks

Tyler Breaks has been releasing fantastic music for several years, sonically making a name for himself through his diverse discography. His Recordings debut cements Breaks as an artist that electronic music fanatics should look out for, as the label tends to cater a spotlight and stage for artists that deserve to be heard.


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