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TVLI Drops Beautiful “Keep You”



While TVLI is a relative electronic music tenderfoot, he’s a man with eclectic history in the broader area, stretching back to his 5yo, piano experimenting origins. In 2022, Tali’s distinctive TVLI production approach caught the attention of Grammy-nominated musician BT, paving the way for the electronic music pioneer to make him KSS3TE AD’s debut signing. From there, TVLI worked closely with BT and multi-platinum-selling artist Christian Burns to expand his vibe into a (2024-forthcoming) album’s worth of material. Its singles journey however begins today with KSS3TEAD001, the pensive, mediative and truly quite beautiful “Keep You.”

All that now manifests on TVLI’s “Keep You”, the fabric of which is a pacifically undulating waveform where multiple sub-melodies nag gently at its production. Its vocals are left to hang enticingly in its middle-distance, beckoning ever closer attention for the clarity they might allow. A complex complexion of sounds and feels, one thing’s for certain this piece of ear candy will be catching you for many a sundown to come. “Keep You” is out now on all streaming platforms.