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4Rain Unveils New Track “Breaking Away” Featuring Priscilla K



4Rain, also known as Stephan Tavares, is a highly successful DJ and electronic music producer who has earned a seat among the giants of the industry. Now we see this spectacular artist team up once again with the talented singer Priscilla K. Following the success of “Out of Time,” the duo returns with the catchy single “Breaking Away.”

“With “Breaking Away,” I wanted to create a sonic experience that reflects resilience and personal triumph. Afro House rhythms symbolize the internal pulse of freedom, while Priscilla K brings to life the raw emotion of this transformation.” – 4Rain

“Breaking Away” tells the story of a person trapped in a toxic romantic relationship. The poignant lyrics by Priscilla K describe the pressures, expectations, and manipulations faced in this challenging relationship. They express the desire to break free from these constraints and find light after difficult times. The chorus reveals the person’s determination to break free from these toxic pressures, symbolized by “Breaking your walls.” “Open the doors so I can finally see the light” expresses the desire to see clearly after overcoming challenges. Finally, the song portrays the courageous decision to detach and reclaim one’s identity and inner peace, even if those around may not understand. “Breaking Away” is out now on all streaming platforms.