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Tomorrowland Proudly Introduces ‘RISE’, Spotlighting Music from Under-the-radar & Emerging Artists



Tomorrowland is proudly introducing their new EP RISE. With this new EP they drop a collective of musically potent tracks, spotlighting under-the-radar, fresh, and emerging artists to the world. The 6-track RISE VA (Vol. 1), including new music by Vidojean x Oliver Loenn, Layla Benitez and MotherEarth, Tigerblind, KILL SCRIPT, Olympe and Spada, is the very first RISE compilation to see the light of day, we are certainly more will follow.

“I’m really excited to release my new collab “Usion” together with Layla Benitez on Tomorrowland Music. ‘Usion’ is an auditory journey through the realms of illusion. With a powerful melodic drop that ignites the senses. The break melody sounds a bit like a classical piano piece, tying everything together nicely. I hope it resonates with you!” – MotherEarth

“Reset” is the perfect track for every mix, I imagined to do a track like this as a passpartout switching the genre or the mood of a set, from one to the other and at the same time catching the crowd instantly with an energetic riff.” – Spada

Explore RISE’s curated selection and be the first to discover the charting artists of tomorrow that deserve people’s attention across the world. Offering high-quality music and catering to all genres in electronic music with an eclectic range of artists, there is truly something in there for everyone. Stay tuned for more RISE compilations throughout the year.

Tomorrowland Music – RISE VA (Vol. 1)
​Vidojean x Oliver Loenn – Alameyo
​Layla Benitez, MotherEarth – Usion
​Tigerblind – Raided
​KILL SCRIPT – Gravity (feat. Linney)
​Olympe – I Don’t Wanna Talk
​Spada – Reset