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AXMO Release “Right Here Waiting”



DJ duo AXMO is a dynamic force in the electronic dance music scene, having made their debut in 2020. In just a short time, they have established themselves as a strong duo in the industry, captivating audiences with their high-energy festival music and dynamic performances. Finally this amazing duo has dropped their long-awaited new single “Right Here Waiting.” AXMO have stirred up quite a frenzy already with this banger. The track has been heavily hyped on Instagram and TikTok for several weeks and has already received several million views.

“On a long road trip we just randomly came across the original track and immediately had ideas on how we could give it our AXMO vibe. We tested it on social media and we guess the rest is history!” – AXMO

“Right Here Waiting” is a classical Happy Hardcore-inspired spin of the touching ballade by Richard Marx. Their accompanying musical “touring” video of “Right Here Waiting” shows the boys traveling the world and interacting with their fans. The video represent the wholesome life of an artist and the things that happen while they are on tour. It’s safe to say these two know how to please their fans either in the backstage or the mainstage. “Right Here Waiting” is now available on all mayor streaming platforms.