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Tim Clark Puts Out Epic Rave-Perfect Single ‘Wake Up’



Tim Clark is making his major label debut with Warner Music Group, putting forth a brand new single that’s perfect for any rave, “Wake Up.” The track is highly energetic and marks his third release under this alias, showcasing the development and maturity that his sound has gone under as he continues to craft his production skills.

“Wake Up” is a mysterious track that possesses a mixture of dark atmospheres, perfectly laying the foundation down for an infectious vocal that instantly hooks in any listener. The timbre and cadence of the tune is nothing short of elating and emotionally impacts anyone who sonically falls under its spell. 

Working in the music industry for over a decade, Tim Clark has established a widespread name for himself through various successes. Now Tim is focusing on his DJ career, which he has already achieved a ton of success in, with a growing passion that is sonically evident through his work. He has quickly garnered a loyal fanbase and is bound to continue cultivating more fans and followers all throughout the year. 

Tim is deeply passionate about the sounds of house and trance music, the solo talent is completely committed to his vision of what it means for these genres to be merged with his style. Recent singles like March 2022’s “Can’t Sing” and July 2022’s “Wake Up,” showcase the direction, power, and quality he’s ready to routinely showcase, emphasizing how 2022 is looking bright for Tim, as music and success seem to go hand and hand together.


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