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Thomas Xavier Elevates The Electronic Scene With His ‘Pharaoh’s Alchemist’ LP



In the ever-evolving electronic music scene, Thomas Xavier has been carving out a sound that sonically distinguishes himself from the rest. With 11 hard-hitting releases this year across three different labels, his latest body of work, the ‘Pharaoh’s Alchemist’ LP, stands as a testament to his relentless pursuit of musical innovation. The 14-song album not only showcases Xavier’s unique bass house, tech house, and G-house blend but also showcases the sound of his label imprint, Pharaoh Phonix.

The album’s tracks like “Monsta” easily entrance listeners, consisting of massive sound design elements and a catchy hip-hop-inspired vocal hook that’s ready to electrify any club or festival dance floor. Meanwhile, singles like “Be Like VR” marks the launch of his bass music project, Khuphu, and introduces listeners to an intense dubstep banger that’s infused with UK Grime vocals. Beyond the pulsating beats, “Pharaoh’s Alchemist” is a reflection of Xavier’s evolution and his commitment to rediscovering our ancient past through song and dance. As he gears up for a slew of performances, spanning from Electric Zoo to Holy Ship Wrecked, fans are in for a musical journey that is intended to connect diverse souls with the joy of rhythm and movement.

Having founded the successful Pharaoh Phonix imprint in early 2022, Xavier’s influence on the bass house scene, especially in the Midwest US, is undeniable. With over 3M streams on Spotify and a history of sharing the decks with industry giants, Thomas Xavier is undoubtedly an emerging force to be reckoned with as we continue further into 2023 and beyond.