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The Party Robot Introduces Jaw-Dropping Costume Design & Choreography to Dance Music



If there is one entity that knows how to take electronic dance music culture and spin a 360 degree twist on it, it is by far the ever-theatrical Party Robot. The Party Robot incorporates jaw-dropping costume design and choreography into the world of dance music including its top-tier DJs and parties. 

Often throwing their eclectic style mixes into the renowned- STORY Nightclub in Miami, The Party group took center stage at Art Basel in 2019 working with artists like deadmau5, Lil Wayne, and A$ap Rocky. Additionally, Eric Prydz and The Chainsmokers are amidst The Party Group’s repertoire. Using models, props, 3D costuming, and a strict dedication to blend the artist’s fan-culture into the experience, The Party Robot is showing the industry how to take the electronic dance music performance experience to another exciting level. 

Following an artist, venue, or club owner’s request, The Party Robot crystallizes their vision like clockwork. Provoking eclectic catalogues of design and creativity through a keen sense of brand, The Party Group delivers an experiential masterpiece for all those in attendance. Considerations include costume design, equipment resources, cultural queues, and most importantly: being given the OK by the artist or owner regarding the additions. (i.e. Eric Prydz can be strict on what he wants his brand next to.)

With a presence as enchanting and opulent as The Party Group’s, it is no surprise they are becoming more and more in demand for all sorts of parties, bashes, and dance music events. Next time you’re out and notice an unusually desirable sense of aesthetic, rest-assured you’ve been dusted with a touch of gold by The Party Group. 


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