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Stereotype Reveals Debut Album ‘Nowhere’ out via Lowly



Israeli pair Adam and Leon, better known as Stereotype have revealed their debut album Nowhere, officially out now via Lowly. Spanning 11 enormous tracks, Nowhere has put Stereotype on the map in the scene as a duo who can naturally create pieces of art to last a lifetime.

Stereotype spent 24 months crafting the album from six years’ worth of studio material, and the grandiose creativity shows through effortlessly in the finished soundtrack. From moments of trip-hop and trap to straight-up dubstep, Nowhere showcases the duo’s considerable expertise in the studio, their flexibility in sound, and their innate knack for evoking precisely the right feeling they want to portray within each single. 

 “This album is a closure for us. After producing this album in many locations and going through many hard times it’s finally done. Nowhere is a metaphor for having a relation to nothing. It’s  hard to relate when you are trying to do things differently. People call you names and think you are strange, but in our opinion weaknesses make us stronger during the journey.” – Stereotype

Each song on the album has a story behind it which makes the entire LP that much more meaningful. Ambient tones set the scene during “My Destiny” as it simultaneously builds anticipation for the journey ahead. The album is interspersed with clever use of sampling and pitched vocals combined with the lead vocals to significant effect, showcased on “Another Level (feat. Bad Luck Boy).” Acoustic elements are also scattered throughout the album, with guitar licks on “iiblis (feat. jacob.)” This dynamism and wide-ranging palette of sound choices are brought together by heavy basslines, which are a mainstay on Nowhere, and help tie together the diverse aesthetic of the album.


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