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Spiderhound Drops New Bomb “Forgive”



Versatile artist Sean Naughton AKA Spiderhound is no stranger to the world of glitch-hop, downtempo, bass/club, and trap/wave. Naturally, it is great seeing him drop a new release. Currently he is on a roll with a new season of tracks afoot. With the unveiling of “Phlame,” then “Strangers,” and now “Forgive,” we get a deeper understanding of the amazing sonic expedition that he takes us on along.

“Forgive” is a Euphoric Downtempo Bass Vocal tune that explores the topic of forgiveness. Sometimes we need to forgive in order to move on and evolve into the person that we need to be. Sometimes the person we need to forgive is staring right at us in the mirror.” Spiderhound

Like the previous singles, genres like downtempo, experimental bass, and lo-fi find their way into “Forgive” but the most differentiated trait that sets this song apart is it’s somber, bitter-sweet melodies and the overt deposition of heart-warming emotion. “Forgive” fades in with sustained keyboard work, masterfully delivered basslines bouncing around the speakers, and trap-inspired percussion work. The cut-up vocal brings out affectionate aspects of the track to full-bloom, whilst the cadence of the topline blurring the lines of understandable language and beautiful non-lexical vocables. The arrangement and tempo give “Forgive” an easy to digest structure where the samples and technicality become infectious and memorable.


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