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Stereoclip Releases Reflective 3rd Artist Album ‘ Echoes’



Maxime Merkpoel, better known by his artist project, Stereoclip, has spent the past ten years turning heads within the dance music space through a plethora of stellar releases and more. Now, the artist has utilized the time to reflect on his career, turning his thoughts and feelings into a full-fledged album. Named Echoes, the album consists of 10 soothing singles, each synergizing harmoniously from one another and taking its listeners on a sonic journey. It is a brilliant body of work that tells so much, despite it having very few lyrics.

Echoes is the perfect construction of Stereoclip’s electronic-driven sound palette that he has developed over the years. The LP is truly colored by nostalgia while reflecting a variety of other emotions like joy, frustration, abandonment, accomplishment, determination, love, hate, and more. The ability to turn such emotions into musical pieces of work is a display of Stereoclip’s true artistry at hand, as it also allows his listeners and fans to dive deep and deconstruct his thoughts and past events through their own interpretations.

“It’s been ten years since the Stereoclip project started, and I felt it was time to reflect on some of the choices I made, both good and wrong. With this album, I wanted to push myself beyond my own limits and wanted my music to be a better version of itself. This album is inspired by ten years of failures and successes. It’s full of nostalgia, hope, and honesty.” – Stereoclip

Stereoclip has seen an immense amount of growth and support since the start of his career, and with Echoes it is amazing to feel his experiences within each track. Spanning 10 heart-turning tracks, Echoes is a pure piece of art that is built to last the ages. The album is a unique and authentic way of communicating with the world, while its tracks each have a sense of timelessness. As Stereoclip continues to grow and develop new experiences, listeners and fans should expect to hear more from the artist through live shows, future releases, and more.


  1. How To Listen To This Album
  2. Disconnected
  3. Inner City Angels
  4. All Over Magic
  5. Sunset Drive
  6. Moonlight Drive
  7. Feel The Game
  8. Sf
  9. Oze (feat. Dim Kelly)
  10. Winners

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