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St.Sinny Drops “The Game” on Pharaoh Phonix



Chicago native St.Sinny continues to bring his vision to life — this time it’s with his brand new original single “The Game,” which is out now (Friday, August 26), on Pharaoh Phonix.

“The Game” from St.Sinny is a dark and dirty house production, which is seamlessly coupled with a confident hip-hop vocal. A stand-out track, “The Game” serves up a fast-pace, four-on-the-floor beat, which ultimately lay the foundations for a distinctive bassline that strike with a vengeance. Originality remains at the forefront for St.Sinny, who showcases his evolution as a musician and development as an artist The heavily-vocoded, low-toned vocals on “The Game” slide on time and enhance the ghostly, intoxicating darkness that the single immerses the listener in.

“Move in silence only speak when it’s time to say checkmate” – St.Sinny

St.Sinny has become known by many for his distinct, well-balanced take on tech house and dark sounds, as well as his perseverance in producing tracks that connect with his fans on the main stage and through his headphones. While he’s been a DJ for years, St.Sinny has more recently made his venture into the world of production. His debut was the original “H.E.R,” then came “LeftRight,” now his junior song “The Game,” marks a moment where his style/signature sound is becoming more pronounced. The man has a clear knack for house music, each production showing a positive step forward in some way, shape, or form.


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