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Spor Debuts ‘Cave’ EP Through mau5trap



Quickly rising drum & bass artist, Spor, has just excitingly put forth his 4-track EP, Cave, through the renowned electronic label, mau5trap. The body of work has been developed over the past couple of years, and includes his debuting lead singles, “Let Me Be” and “Through Down Let Go,” while also featuring newer tunes such as, “Hatchet” and “Hatfield Tunnel.” 

Spor’s Cave EP is a brilliant piece of work that infuses his electronic roots and inspirations into a sonic masterpiece. Each single possess its own vibe, while still encapsulating the sound that is Spor. Singles “Let Me Be” and “Throw Down Let Go” are both high-octane tracks that will drive energy into any listener. The other tunes on the EP, “Hatchet” and “Hatfield Tunnel” both consisting a high-energy feel, while still sonically differentiating themselves, adding diversity to the body of work. All of the tunes, however, consist of similarities and traits that tie each of them together, sonically displaying Spor’s talents as an electronic music artist. 

“My career as Spor ultimately was what led me to meeting Joel in London and signing with mau5trap, something that was a huge catalyst and substantially altered my life. It made sense to me to finally bring these two entities together with a release. ‘Cave’ was the Latin motto of my hometown at that time, as well as a refuge, solitude, fortification, and a creative space. Holed up, nocturnal, pushing for driving energy and exploring with sound- that is a location I can always come back to.” – Spor

With such a sonic palette for electronic music, Spor is indefinitely going to be an artist that will throw down on mainstages for festivals worldwide. He has already been recognized by industry heavyweights while garnering a ton of features and support online. 2022 is looking bright for Spor and his Cave EP is only the beginning of what’s to come.


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