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Listen to Spiderhound’s Newest Single “I See Red”



Out today with arguably his most exotic single yet, Spiderhound has officially dropped “I See Red.” Following his past three fiery tracks “Phlame,” “Strangers” and “Forgive,” “I See Red” ups the ante of his own style and sound even more.

Since June, Spiderhound has amassed over 100,000 streams across platforms which is an impressive mark for just a few months. Giving one listen through of these tracks will surely hint at why this number has skyrocketed. With a title like “I See Red,” one can imagine the sort of intensity and passion that pours through this track’s veins. Nothing short of creative genius, tribal drums steal the light at the beginning of the track, whilst more spiritual elements build up to make this track a pure one-of-a-kind. Laced together with whirring bass and an enchanting female topline, “I See Red” is chock full of higher vibrations.

“I See Red” is an exploration of the intense color red and the powerful emotions that it evokes. Red represents complex and opposing emotions: passion, hunger, love, anger, danger, excitement, desire, energy and power. This song was inspired by the work of Portishead and Ivy Lab with experimental bass sound design and haunting surreal vocals that stir a mixture of emotions associated with the color red. Enjoy an auditory and synesthetic journey bathed in this captivating hue.” – Spiderhound

Spiderhound fits within the realm of experimental bass, but stands out with distinctive production elements that can be easily recognized as his signature sound. Spiderhound has reached the #1 one spot on various Beatport ‘new releases’ charts including glitch-hop, downtempo, bass/club, and trap/wave, the vast life he’s had in music playing an innate role in his ability to lay down bars in the studio which are exactly what his mind has imagined.


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