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SIHK Drops 3-Track Banger EP ‘bb3000’



With his explosive energy at the heart of his live sets and music, SIHK took the Indonesian Hard Dance scene by storm. Now this incredible talented artist is gradually taking over the sonic landscape. The next step in his masterplan for world domination is his three track EP bb3000 released on Insomniac’s Basscon.

“I got into early hardcore around end of 2021 when I somehow obtained a thunderdome CD. Thunderdome XIII to be exact. From there my obsession grew with the old school sound and I dabbled in trying to replicate that sound in a modern way.” – SIHK

The EP is nothing short of hard dance sonic goodness featuring “WTF”, “Bouncyboy 300”, and “Get Up” with Jakka-B. Drawing inspiration from the old school, underground rave sounds that marked the early aughts and gave us gabber culture, SIHK revitalizes those sounds with a modern style and once again highlights that he is the premiere hard dance act from Asia.

From the onset, SIHK sets out to punch listeners in the ears and induce a ferocity that is befit for Hardcore. The EP opens with “WTF”, which makes listeners think those exact words as the kick and beat assault the senses and get the head bobbing. The track has a very clear
homage-esque sound to the early 2000s rave scene.

SIHK follows that up with “bouncyboy 3000”, which subverts expectations in a delightful manner. The track opens with a UK garage inspired synth and beat that traverses the soundscape until we get to the blitzing hardcore drop that kicks the song into overdrive. SIHK’s unitlization of garage-laced sounds is a truly unique perspective brought to the Hardcore genre.

To close the EP, we get the lead single “Get Up” which features UK bad boy, Jakka-B. Once again “Get Up” has very distinct sound that harkens to the old school raving days of the early aughts. It hits all the right notes and brings a sound that can’t be ignored, bringing toe-tapping glee to anyone in its wake.

SIHK promised and delivered with his EP bb3000. He once again shows why is a master at his craft, a talented producer that knows how to produce some fantastic ear candy. bb3000 marks a pivotal moment in his career as he moves from Asia to the global scene with support from North America’s dance music tastemaking machine Insomniac. Those attending his debut EDC Mexico will be part of a moment in history where SIHK will most likely destroy the stage with his incredible intense energy. bb3000 is out now on all streaming platforms.