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Sekai & Miyoki Collaborate on “Vengeance”



Artists Sekai and Miyoki have breathed life into the music realm in their collaboration track “Vengeance.” 

An effortless piece of finely polished beats, rejuvenating vocals, and buzzing rhythms, “Vengeance” showcases both of these artists’ craftsmanship to a tee. A fast paced and animated song at heart, flares of drum and bass kick in throughout to boost its liveliness even further. Sekai and Miyoki have finessed the perfect amount of dance floor readiness here.

Vengeance was created at a time where I listened alot to this style, specifically Pendulum. I always wanted to make something triumphant, and that felt bigger than life, and Vengeance, at the time called “Fanfarra” (fanfare in portuguese) was the end product. The brass ensemble in the drop always gave me a visual feeling of gold and victory and success. The last thing it needed was a vocalist, and this track went through many iterations, but Miyoki delivered the fiercest, and strongest performance of them all, and in that moment, when the track was in its final stages of production, it truly felt like a victory.” – Sekai 

2020 was a successful year for Sekai who released a ton of songs including “Heaven,” “Soon Enough,” “Like That,” “Drive Vibe,” “Break Me,” “Sway,” “ILY,” and “Burn Me Down.” With such an impressive string of songs in one year, Sekai’s repertoire is growing at a phenomenal pace. 

On the other hand is Miyoki, who hones in on modern dance, electronic nature, and song structure to convey her essence of cross-cultural experiences. Coming from a family with well-traveled parents, Miyoki’s music revolves around a magnitude of life experiences reflecting all corners of her life.


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