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SCHEINY Debuts on Hood Politics With Tech House Bieber Reboot, “Never Let U Go”



There’s something we can’t help but be drawn to when it comes to nostalgia — especially when it comes to music. Hailing from Chicago, rising artist & DJ SCHEINY has just unveiled his brand new single, “Never Let You Go.” The track was released through the widely praised underground label, Hood Politics, which is led by DJ Susan. The nostalgia shines through on SCHEINY’s “Never Let U Go,” which is a hypnotizing tech edit of Justin Bieber’s smash-hit, “Boyfriend.”

Securing his space within the underground electronic music community, SCHEINY’s “Never Let U Go” is a showcase of his artistic capabilities that only solidifies his breakout success. The track showcases an innovative production style from SCHEINY, who combines his own signature musical techniques with the infectious melodies of Justin Bieber’s original composition (“Boyfriend”). “Never Let U Go” is a seamless intertwining of underground and pop, a blend of two genres, which comes across almost effortlessly by SCHEINY. Serving up rumbling basslines, explosive beats, hypnotic synth arrangements, and nostalgia for so many, “Never Let U Go” is available now, so immerse yourself in an underground pop crossover.

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