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SAN HEJMO, Multi-Genre Festival of Live Music, Urban Art & Street Food in Germany



In the summer of 2022 we saw the inception of SAN HEJMO, Germany’s latest festival, a show concept festival for live music, art and culture. SAN HEJMO which translates to “Holy Home” premiered at Weeze Airport, the same place as the legendary PAROOKAVILLE. This year SAN HEJMO will be held from August 18th to 19th for a whole weekend, as opposed to the one day festival it was last year.

With two full festival days, the multi-genre festival offers even more space for rousing live music, creative urban art across the entire festival site and inspiring get-togethers in a special atmosphere and with the best street food. More excitingly SAN HEJMO will be extended to two full festival days including camping.

As the headliner, San Hejmo presents the who’s who of German hip-hop with Alligatoah, Apache207, Cro, DieFantastischen Vier, Marteria, RIN and Sido. In addition, there are numerous popular indie and pop stars such as Provinz, Sportfreunde Stiller, Tokio Hotel, Tom Gregory, Von Wegen Lisbeth, Wanda, Cloudy June and Esther Graf. On the Electronic Stage, Alle Farben, David Puentez, Topic, Lari Luke, Lost Identity, Pretty Pink and other stars of electronic music will provide the best beats. The final demolition then takes place on the party stage with Latin sounds, old school and party hip-hop as well as party-mad personalities.

Tokio Hotel

Exclusive urban art makes the San Hejmo experience unique. The hand-picked artists not only decisively shape the look of the festival and create a unique art experience, but at the same time have the opportunity to convey important messages with their art.

Unmistakable for what is made of SAN HEJMO, there are numerous art installations in the Urban Art District. From spectacular sculptures, to imposing murals, graffiti to a huge, walk-in knit installation, to an unforgettable outdoor gallery, this festival has it all.

Visitors will be able to celebrate a festival full of positive vibes while they spent a peaceful and exuberant festival day in a unique festival setting. The bunkers and hangars were home to, among other things, the PAROOKAVILLE Club Circus Stage with some high profile top acts while the Party Stage catapulted the visitors straight back to the 90s and reactivated all the Eurodance hits. The special mixture of musical, cultural and artistic inspirational influences is unique in this form. More information and ticket pre-registration can be found here.

Experience SAN HEJMO for free with KULTURPASS (Germany Only)

The KulturPass is a German federal government project to get more young people interested in culture. All young people born in 2005 receive a budget of €200 on their 18th birthday, which they can use freely for cultural activities. Now, those youngsters have the opportunity to experience SAN HEJMO for free with KULTURPASS – tickets available now. The San Hejmo Festival is a unique place for live music, urban art and indulgence. Holders of the new KulturPass now have the exclusive opportunity to buy discounted ticket categories for San Hejmo with their budget.

Picture by: Robin Böttcher

“The San Hejmo Festival is a newly created place for culture and music – made for the KulturPass! We think the offer with free choice for young people is great and are therefore happy to support it with discounted tickets. In this way, you can experience the entire festival experience with the KulturPass budget,” – Bernd Dicks, co-founder and managing director of San Hejmo GmbH,

Four ticket categories can now be purchased via the KulturPass DE app: 2-Day Ticket + Camping | KulturPass €199.00 (17% discount) plus garbage deposit 2-Day Ticket | KulturPass €159.00 (16% discount) Friday Ticket | KulturPass €99.00 (23% discount) Saturday Ticket | KulturPass €99.00 (23% discount) All information about the project here.