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Sam Feldt Explains Vision Toward Future & Recent Musical Endeavors [Interview]



Sam Feldt’s story thus far includes a much wider reach and global impact than what you may already be familiar with. The Dutch DJ, producer, and platinum-selling artist has captivated the hearts of the masses over the years with his signature uplifting and good-vibes sound. We had the recent pleasure of catching up with him for a musical update, and to hear about other impactful projects he’s been working on over the last few years.

The classic Sam Feldt feel-good sound incorporates heavy use of vocals and live instruments, making for the perfect sunny and fun-loving style we’ve all come to resonate with. Lending itself well to live performances, Sam’s music shines bright with the aid of trumpet, saxophone, and guitar from his bandmates, creating a next-level dimension to his sets. If you have yet to catch one of his live sets, you absolutely should add this to the top of your list this season!

With a multitude of top-selling releases under his belt including “Show Me Love” feat. Kimberly Anne, “Been A While,” “YES” feat. Akon,  “Blackbird” feat. Jake Reese, “Know You Better” with LVNDSCAPE, “What About The Love” and so many more, he continues to push himself and his compositions harder with each impending release. His most recent release, a remix of Drax Project and Hailee Steinfeld’s “Woke Up Late” can be heard below and lays the groundwork for an incredible Summer to come.

His annual Heartfeldt Pool Party returned to the Miami shores during the iconic Miami Music Week, this year at Shore Club Hotel. A beautiful kickoff to his stacked week under the sun, this ultimately led to his Ultra Miami performance days later. After the first (chilly) Heartfeldt edition during ADE 2016 and subsequent events in Miami each year, the tropical pool party concept has evolved into a worldwide series and shows no signs of halting the fun.

From his efforts and commitment to making the world a more renewable place, to his startup Fangage, a place for artists and brands to better connect and interact with their fans, Sam Feldt has established his place not only as a highly-talented musician with endless capabilities to explore, but a devout pioneer with sights set on a sustainable future. Read all about these exciting ventures plus his latest tuneage in our Nocturnal Times exclusive below.

Nocturnal Times: You kicked off your week in Miami this year with your own Heartfeldt Pool Party. After returning for a number of years now, what are a few changes you have made to your Heartfeldt party, and what are a few things that always remain the same?

Sam: Well, this year I premiered my new live show during my pool party, this was pretty exciting. But one thing remains the same: every year, I ended the pool party with a smile because I really love the Miami vibe, the people, and the music. What more could you wish for?

Nocturnal Times: You recently wrapped up a string of 15 shows in 30 days in which you’ve successfully brought Summer a bit early to the U.S. Tell us about a standout moment or city on this tour?

Sam: Miami was definitely a standout city because there is so much activity during the Miami Music Week, it’s incredible. Of course playing Ultra is always something special. I have such a busy schedule that I don’t even find the time to reminisce about my shows. But going on a tour like this is so much fun. Every show is different so in a way this makes them all outstanding. It’s hard to pick a standout moment.

Nocturnal Times: Over the years you have developed a very feel-good, tropical, and summery sound to your productions. How did you first come to producing this style of electronic music, and where have you pulled some of your biggest inspirations from?

Sam: I get my inspiration from everything in life. This can be video games, movies, samples or other genres that are actually completely different from mine. I also try to translate all my life experiences into my music, by focussing on certain emotions for example.

Nocturnal Times: “Gold” is one of your recently released singles with Kate Ryan via Spinnin’ Records. How did this track and collaboration first come together?

Sam: Kate was already a fan of me before this collaboration and that feeling was mutual, so there was a lot of respect between us. She approached me with this idea, and I sent her a piece of a tune and she directly fell in love with it she said. I think that my Sam Feldt-sound fits perfectly with Kate’s soft and mysterious voice.  

Nocturnal Times: Beyond music, you find other ways to connect with your fans like your ‘Heartfeldt Adventures’ video series. What was one of your funniest moments from this series so far?

Sam: Me and my crew are always searching for the best spots to eat and we show this in the episodes of ‘Heartfeldt Adventures.’ I always ask my fans on social media where we should go and from all the tips we receive we chose the place that offers something special or a truly unique experience. It’s everytime another adventure.

Nocturnal Times: You made a bold and commendable New Year’s resolution in 2018. Tell us more about your inspiration behind this, and your plans to make the world a more sustainable place. What were you able to accomplish towards this goal last year?

Sam: Last year, I launched the Heartfeldt Foundation. This is a non-profit platform that promotes a sustainable lifestyle and a healthier planet by using ambassadors and influencers in sports, music, and entertainment. I am already doing some collaborations with organizations that go against plastic waste, and I skipped all plastic from my rider. It’s a start!

Nocturnal Times: Yet another ambitious venture of yours is your startup Fangage, a platform focused on using social media to better connect with and understand fans while building your brand. What else can you share about Fangage and what you hope to achieve with this innovative project?

Sam: In short, Fangage is a fan engagement and fan relationship management platform for influencers and brands. I launched it more than two years ago because I was a little bit struggling to connect with my audience through social platforms. My following stats went up, but my engagement didn’t and that’s why I came up with my own platform where all of this is possible. I think every brand, producer or artist struggles with these algorithms and I think Fangage is the solution for this.

Nocturnal Times: Lastly, as we gear up for an exciting Summer filled with a lot of touring and festival performances, what are some of the stops you are most looking forward to?

Sam: I have a really busy schedule but I am already looking forward to Balaton Sound, Tomorrowland, Mysteryland in the Netherlands, … a lot of parties, and a lot to look forward to!

Featured photos via Sam Feldt Facebook.

Caroline is an avid electronic music enthusiast. Born and raised in the Boston area, Caroline relocated Florida to complete her Bachelors Degree in Social Entrepreneurship & Business from Rollins College in Orlando. Her passion for EDM, music festivals and music in general has taken her up and down the East coast (she now resides in New York City) and inspired her to pursue her dreams within the industry. Electronic music truly has been a blessing in her life and brought a lifetime's worth of lasting memories.


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