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Sak Noel Ignites the Scene with “Long Live Party Rock” Remix



The club scene has just received an electrifying new flip from Sak Noel. The Latin Grammy nominated DJ and producer has just remixed, “Long Live Party Rock,” which is a powerhouse collaboration between LMFAO Member Redfoo and Dainjazone. Infused with Latin House vibes and Party Rock influences, the track has stirred up a global craze, hitting #1 on the iTunes US Dance Chart and gaining traction in Finland and Japan. Sak Noel’s remix adds a spicy twist, introducing the world to “Jungle Tech,” an exciting new sub-genre that garners over a million impressions in just a few weeks.

Sak Noel’s remix of “Long Live Party Rock” is the perfect representation of his pristine work as a producer, sonically showcasing his ability to make club heaters. The track is the perfect blend of latin club music, house, and party rock, making it one of the best remixes of the single in the space.

Dainjazone is a stand-out figure in America’s DJ scene, and Redfoo, whose half of LMFAO, have come together to curate a sonic spectacle. With Sak Noel’s remix, the track has a new feeling that listeners can enjoy. The single is also a part of a complete remix pack that was released on August 3rd, featuring other hand-picked talents like Audio1 who offer a unique interpretation of the renowned single. All together the remixes are a well-crafted collaboration from artists who know how to ride the wave of genres on the rise, and its promised to shake up the scene sonically.