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RayRay Releases “Butterfly” Alongside JVNA



The multi-talented superstar RayRay has landed loudly and exploded onto the international dance scene in the past few years. With gigs at major festivals like Glastonbury, ADE, Tomorrowland to name a few. She cemented her status in the scene as a Red Bull Thre3style competition winner and through a series of studio sessions with artists such as Skrillex, Steve Aoki but most notably her Barong Family members Yellowclaw. Now, the Taiwanese powerhouse has teamed up with fellow US-born Taiwanese superstar JVNA for a stunning collaboration. “Butterfly” marks the first single from RayRay’s upcoming debut album Unearthly World set to be released later this year.

One of my favorite songs on the album. It’s definitely a unique combination between me and JVNA. I’ve wanted to work with her for a very long time. She is such an inspiring person. It’s very interesting and fun to blend her airy music sound with my hard trap elements together. We started making this song in July 2021 last year and actually came up with the vocals first. Be strong and brave, and eventually, you will be like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon. This is also the experience we have been learning as artists. Life isn’t a bed of roses, and there are a lot of obstacles. However, as long as you pull it through, you will become a beautiful butterfly. It’s also a tribute to our friends and fans in Taiwan and Asia.” – RayRay

I wrote ‘Butterfly‘ with RayRay wanting to write a track that felt empowering to both of us. As female producers/DJs we’ve bonded over our experiences of being in a male-dominated industry and the feeling of needing to prove ourselves constantly. This song is about taking a leap of faith in pursuing our dreams, becoming the person we want to become, and succeeding in our goals. When RayRay and I initially met, we clicked instantly. She is one of the few friends I have in the industry to whom I can relate and talk about the similar struggles and experiences we have in our work field.” – JVNA

“Butterfly” opens with sultry, breathy vocals and an ominous bassline instantly showcasing both artists’ talents perfectly. From JVNA’s and RayRay’s dreamy singing performances to both future bass and melodic trap production prowess. “Butterfly” starts with an ethereal feel and blossoms into a drop featuring serrating synths and deep bass undertones that give it an edge. The mixture of feminine emotiveness and unquestionable sonic confidentiality makes the track an unusual creation where the lyrics are sung in English and Mandarin. “Butterfly” is out now on Yellow Claw’s Barong Family and will also be featured on RayRay’s forthcoming debut album “Unearthly World.”


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