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RayRay Drops Surprise Track “Purge”



Two words, one name, loud, louder, RayRay. The equally hardworking as multi-talented RayRay has established herself as one of the most versatile artists out there. It seems that this purple haired bundle of energy keeps on cranking out banger after banger. Just after dropping her Unearthly World album, she now released “Purge,” an amazing bonus track from said album. One thing is always guaranteed with RayRay, she always manages to surprise us with her music. Each of her releases vastly different from the prior one, yet keeping true to the RayRay vibes we love so much.

“I love making hard hitting bass songs! This is the first single of my deluxe album! I am so excited, can’t wait to bring more different elements in my music to the world”– RayRay

In true RayRay fashion she is not holding back. She is spitting some masterfully crafted vocals on top of this crazy jumping beat. With “Purge” RayRay sets out to show her tough and fierce side in this drum and bass / four-to-the-floor original track. With her trademark “Nasty Bass” sound she ties this ensemble together. The release of “Purge” is accompanied by a unique pink themed 360 video shot by her award-winning team. It makes “Purge” one of the funniest yet intense videos that she has put out to date. “Purge” is out now on Barong Family.


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