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Pushing Daizies Are Back With “Blame”



It has been a while since the talented artist duo Pushing Daizies has blessed us with some new fantastic music. Pushing Daizies is a project that Riot Ten and Stoutty began during quarantine with the goal of making music that was outside their norms as individual artists. With their signature style, future bass beats complemented by lush melodies, they have taking the world by storm. Sadly after the release of their Initium debut album (Dim Mak) it became quiet around this duo.

Now this enigmatic duo is back with a new fresh release called “Blame.” For this soothing piece of melodic Dubstep they teamed up with non other then the incredible talented singer Kelsey Ray. This enigmatic ensemble created a groovy, bass-heavy, emotional roller coaster. It does so by pulling at the heartstrings of its listeners. They created a vibe that is guaranteed to lift your spirits even if the subject of the song is a pretty heavy one. We all have been in a relationship and faced struggles with our relative partners. “Blame” is out now on all streaming platforms through Subsidia Records.