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Blanke & Grant Unveil Debut Collaboration “Heavy Heart (feat. your friend polly)”



JP Orchison has taken the Blanke (The e is silent) project from his native Australia to the world. Known for defying the norm with a variety of genres to his name, we know see Blanke joins forces with producer Grant introducing a fresh melodic sound with “Heavy Heart (feat. your friend polly.”

“Heavy Heart” hits home for me. Polly’s voice is so beautiful and delicate, yet strong and emotive. The way her voice dances over the chords and the guitar and the supportive tone in the lyrics feels unique and so emotive. One of those goosebump songs for me, everytime. I’m ecstatic about this collaboration with two of my favourite and incredibly talented artists, Grant and your friend polly, and to play this out live once everyone knows the words.”Blanke

Leading the track with the enchanting cadence of her vocals, your friend polly opens up about the very essence of what it means to love someone. The expressive lyrics explore themes of openness and vulnerability, resonating with those seeking solace during life’s tribulations. Blanke and Grant display their electric prowess by combining delicate melodic bass with uplifting tempos bound to captivate hearts, inviting listeners into a soul-stirring musical experience.  “Heavy Heart (feat. your friend polly.)” is out on on all streaming platforms through Monstercat Instinct.