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Nostalgix & Rose Motion Give “By Myself” to Tchami’s Confession Imprint



Out now via Tchami’s imprint Confession, Nostalgix and Rose Motion have come together for “By Myself.” 

Infused with potent energy, “By Myself” is a well-tuned and explorative new piece of music by both of these artists. Boosted by an upbeat and zestful lead female vocal, the track leads into a shattering drop. Lined by swift rhythms and electrifying undertones, “By Myself” brings up all the reminiscent feels of being on a dance floor. Expressing the empowerment you feel when truly doing things for yourself, the track is a slam dunk to the sort of heaters that come from the Confession imprint time and time again. 

Vancouver native Nostalgix has without a doubt impressed the world with her career that she began from the bottom-up. From self-taught mixing skills in her college dorm, to signing with dream labels and playing top-notch festivals, she has now gained recognition from tastemakers all over the world, releasing songs on established labels such as Dim Mak, Night Bass, In/Rotation, and more. 

On the flip side of “By Myself” is electronic duo Rose Motion made up by Australian native Jamie-Rose and Canadian Malikai Motion. The two started out with solo projects that leaned more towards hip-hop and R&B. Later on they discovered their mutual love for deep house and the electronic sphere, and have been making music together ever since. 


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